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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mama, I'm Comin' Ho -o-ome!
Bags packed and ready to go!

Wow, the last post I'll write in Korea. Assuming I don't wake up really early tomorrow and decide to post one last entry before I leave. Which I won't do.

After some last-minute re-shuffling of my suitcases due to weight concerns, I think I have everything under control. I'm not looking forward to when I have to transport my bags alone, though. But I did it for a brief time on the way to Korea, so I think I can handle it on the way out. And I think they're not as heavy as they were on the way in, since weight restrictions got more strict this past year.

Charlie and Will came over tonight and we said our goodbyes. They also both left with a ton of crap that they raided from my apartment. Initially, I thought I was being kind by leaving all kinds of helpful stuff for the new guy...but now most of it's been taken. Better my friends get it than some weird Canadian guy named Zico. I had to buy everything when I moved in, and now so will he!

I got some uber-Korean parting gifts from my school. Once home I'll post pictures of them. The crowning moment was getting these super gaudy rhinestoned hair things from my co-teacher. Very Korean. I also got a purse from my vice-principal, but due to luggage issues, I left it behind...I gave it to Charlie to dispose of (it was not one I'd ever use). Again, the purse was very Korean.

I felt like a celebrity during my last classes today. My students were killing each other to get my email address and signature. I was honestly being mobbed at my desk. I now feel really bad for celebrities where this happens to them daily. And I don't blame them if they fly off the handle or get rude at times. At first I was wary of handing out my email address, but I bet only 1 or 2 will actually email me. Because they don't really know English. Some of them wanted my phone number in the US. Why, I have no idea. Kids.

Anyway, I need to get to bed now. Talk to you all next when I'm on U.S. soil!


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